Local Trail Conditions

Bushwackers (East of Park Falls & Fifield / North Central Price County)

The trails were groomed this week and they are in good condition in most areas; however, the trail base is deteriorating and ther are bare spots in some areas.  Trails in the woods and shaded areas are best.  Trail #101 is showing some bare spots but is still in good riding condition.

Sno-Gypsies (West of Park Falls/ Tuscobia / Northwest Price County)

The Price County portion of the Tuscobia is groomed and in very good condition.  Trails #80, #89, #90 and #91 are groomed and in fair condition; however, the base is getting thin and there are some bare areas.  There are some icy corners so use caution.

Mission / Purpose
:  Non-profit social club for the promotion of safety, goodwill, and organized activities for snowmobile enthusiasts.  The club supports the local economy and tourism through the promotion, enhancement and accessibility of area trails.